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This Year's Featured Films
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Total Telemark V: Sessions
Sponsored by Taos Mountain Outfitters
6:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
The latest from producer Nat Ross and Tough Guy Productions, Sessions has Tele ski patrollers blowing cornices, backcountry trips in Yellowstone and Yosemite and some steep heli tele in Alaska.
Stephane Riendeau, USA, 50 mins. 2005

The True Cost of Food
Sponsored by World Cup Cafe
1:30pm, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
A family accidentally finds itself on the "true cost" checkout line at a huge supermarket (By-It-All-Mart) and learns the hidden costs of pollution, subsidies and health threats that are a part of agribusiness but written off to the external economy. This flash-animated short film takes a critical look at the way food is produced in the United States and offers sustainable alternatives.
Tate Hausman, USA, 15 mins. Animation 2004

Tsunami Warriors
8:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Follow Earthship creator Michael Reynolds and his team from Taos, New Mexico, to the remote island of Little Andaman, India. For 14 days the crew worked in 100 degree temperatures and driving rain to construct a demonstration shelter out of scrap tires, plastic bottles and refuse from the tsunami that took the lives of 15,000 island residents. The Taos community helped fund the adventure which taught local architects and residents how to construct homes that cool themselves naturally and catch their own clean water. The film captures the resilient spirit of the Indian people and the bawdy energy of the Taos crew.
USA, 60 mins. 2005

Twice Upon a Time in Bolivia
3:30pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Utterly ridiculous English account of the approach and attempt on a 6,000 meter peak in South America. Absurdly childish animation complements the daft humor to produce one of the funniest expedition films in recent years. Monty Python meets National Geographic on the snow slopes. "Peoples Favorite Award," Kendall Mountain Film Festival.
Alastair Lee, David Halsted, UK, 37 mins. 2004

Uranium Contamination
1:30pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
In the Balkans, Iraq, ...and Northern New Mexico? Uranium contaminates the environment coming and going, and going... in the Southwest we have a growing three-fold uranium problem.

Homeland: Crown Point Chapter tells of the Eastern Navajo Dine'h Against Uranium Mining and their continuing fight to save their groundwater.
Roberta Grossman, USA, 22 mins. 2005

The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children
This film follows the renowned German physician Dr. Horst-Gunther in his decade-long documentation of the effects of "DU". The evidence presented of spreading DU comtamination in both civilians and soldiers is distressingly solid.
Freider Wagner and Valentin Thurn, Germany, 53 mins. 2004

Sheri Kotowski of Peace Action and Veterans for Peace will discuss Los Alamos Laboratory's incineration of huge amounts of uranium wastes, which foul our local atmosphere.
Discussion and refreshments will follow
In Person: Sheri Kotowski

Ursa Dream
9:30am, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
A young girl's introduction to the power and potential dangers of creative self-expression culminates in a surprise communication that assures her survival, but not her safety.
Kate Brown, USA, 6 mins. Animation 2005

Visioning Tibet
11:30am, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Blindness through cataracts is widespread in the Himalaya due to the increased ultra-violet exposure at altitude. Humanitarian doctor Marc Lieberman has a mission: to end preventable blindness in Tibet by 2020. Through the stories of a farmer and nomad, both going blind, we see how a simple operation brings light into darkness, joy from despair.
Isaac Solotaroff, USA, 40 mins. 2005

Walking the Line
9:30am, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Filmed along the chaotic U.S.-Mexico border, Walking the Line follows rancher vigilantes with semiautomatic weapons, outlaw pastors with four-wheel drives, and desperate immigrants with hopes of a better life. This film, at once disturbing, offbeat, and revealing, offers a scathing critique of a failed border policy. Walking the Line explores the uncertain line between patriotism, morality, and justice. "Best Human Rights/Human Dignity Award," Ohne Kohle Film Festival
Jeremy Levine, USA, 60 mins. 2005

Weekend Warrior
11:30am, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
This humorous film depicts the hapless pursuits of a male snowboarder who cruises the mountain in a vain pursuit for female companionship. Sound familiar?
Ace Mackay- Smith, Canada, 5 mins. 2003

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe
6:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
German filmmaker Werner Herzog vowed that he would eat his shoe if Errol Morris actually made a film. Morris directed Gates of Heaven, a highly acclaimed film about pet cemeteries. When Herzog returned to Berkeley to consume one of his desert boots, Blank captured the event on film: a humorous and insightful view of the enigmatic auteur.
Les Blank, USA, 22 mins. 1979

What's Love Doing in the Mountains?
3:30pm, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
A remarkable debut by young Turkish director, Yunus Firat. The film dramatizes the journey of a young man sent to the Turkish mountains in accordance with local custom to examine the depth of his love. Combining spiritual elements with prosaic problems this piece is a subtle tribute to an ancient and continuing way of life.
Yunus Firat, Turkey, 28 mins. 2005
In Person: Yunus Firat

Wings Over the Wild
1:30pm, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Taoseno David Smith has flown planes for charitable causes over much of the globe. His work for the flying organization, Lighthawk, has recently taken him to the jungles and coasts of Costa Rica where he works to protect the fragile ecosystem from industry and development.
Kelly Matheson, USA, 27 mins. 2004

11:30am, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
School is in session. Featuring the honor students of skiing performing at the top of the game. Classrooms include: Bella Coola, British Columbia, Aspen, Colorado, the Alps of Norway, Courchevel, and Chamonix. Shane McConkey returns with a performance of a lifetime, ski basing across the Alps. Tanner Hall, Mark Abma and Eric Pollard deliver the best all around segments in skiing. The Class of 2004 turned out all right.
Steve Winter, Murray Wais and Scott Gaffney, USA, 70 mins. 2004

This Year's Featured Films
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