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This Year's Featured Films
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Otero Mesa
9:30am, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
500,000 of New Mexico's Otero Mesa's 1.2 million acres are road free. It is America's wildest grassland. This short features independent ranchers' and environmentalists' concerns along with well-shot footage of the landscape and wildlife.
Bob Willis and Steve Capra, USA, 5 mins, 2004
In Person: Michael Schoenfeld


Parallel Addictions
Sponsored by Taos Mountain Outfitters
6:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
Two brothers from Australia admit their addiction: one to skiing, the other to heroin. The similarities are disarming - beware the powder rush!
Andy Stiffhard, France, 13 mins. 2005

A Redwood Grows in Brooklyn
11:30am, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
A gorgeously photographed and perceptively scripted piece on NY photographer James Balog, which takes a fascinating glance into the conundrum of man searching for his place in the natural world while living in an urban environment.
David Holbrooke, USA, 15 mins. 2005

Remembered Earth: New Mexico's High Desert
11:30am, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
The stark landscape of the desert southwest, at once beckoning and alienating, has left many of us at a loss for words. Director John Grabowska and writer/narrator N. Scott Momaday attempt to convey their impressions of this gorgeous corner of Northwestern New Mexico through stunning imagery and poetic description.
John Grabowska, USA, 28 mins. 2005

6:00pm, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
The latest from seasoned "mountainfilm" director Peter Mortimer. Introduced by climbing-comedian Tim O'Neill, "Return to Sender", runs the gamut of modern risk sports: slack-lining, base-jumping, crack climbing and bouldering. Employing the talents of many leading climbers including the 10 year old phenom, Cicada Jenerik and the famous climbing canines Biscuit and Felix. This film is sure to leave you slack-jawed.
Peter Mortimer, USA, 85mins, 2005
In person: Peter Mortimer, Timmy O'Neill


Ride of the Mergansers
9:30am, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
Filmed in northern Minnesota, "Ride of the Mergansers" offers a glimpse into the secret world of the Hooded Merganser, a rare and reclusive duck. Just 24 hours after hatching, their tiny ducklings must make the perilous leap to the ground below to begin life in the wild. This short documentary is an unexpected and heartwarming blend of natural history, humor and suspense. "Best Amateur Award," 2005 International Wildlife Film Festival
Steve Furman, USA, 11 mins. 2004

Satoyama: Japan's Secret Watergarden
6:00pm, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
The breathtaking expanse of water at Lake Biwa supports the life of people living in harmony with nature. The people take great care not to over fish and to respect the water. Think of a Japanese acequia, where people use an ancient system of piping "natural" water directly into each house, a method called Kabata, which ties the health of the village directly to the well being of the water. Satoyama embodies valuable clues for a "sustainable way of living" for future generations. The film's images are as strong at its story. "Best of Festival," 2005 International Wildlife Film Festival
Masumi Mizunuma, Japan, 52 mins. 2004

Shark Alley
1:30pm, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Waterman & filmmaker Greg Huglin takes us beneath the surface for an extremely close look at the great white sharks of South Africa. One diver grabs the dorsal and hitches a ride from the great white... We've played this at least 30 times in the office.
Greg Huglin, USA, 4 mins. 2005

Siberia, The Journey North
6:00pm, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
Irish filmmaker, Dermot Somers, travels one of the last true migratory journeys made by our species. He joins the Nenet tribe as they pursue the reindeer eight hundred kilometers through Siberia to the Arctic Circle. A beautifully crafted chronicle of a threatened way of life.
John Murray, Siberia, 54 mins. 2003

11:30am, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
Coupling the wisdom of 100-year-old physicist A.J. Snow with three years of filmmaking in deep, deep British Columbia snow, filmmaker Bill Heath has created a film that celebrates his own love of powder. Beautifully patient photography and a light touch with the message show why Heath his becoming one of the most accomplished filmmakers in the genre. "Best Film on Mountain Sports Award," Banff Mountain Film Festival
Bill Heath, Canada, 23 mins. 2003 Distributed by LenticularPictures.com

11:30am, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
The life of the ski-bum is exposed in all its misogynist and impecunious glory.
Thomas Faversham, USA, 4mins. 2005

The Tangerine Dream
11:30am, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
The Tangerine Dream represents ten years of broken down trucks, whiskey bottles, wanderlust and down and dirty skiing and boarding. The film explores the origins of Teton Gravity Research, perhaps the premier ski filmmaking outfit, and the outlaw athletes and ragged lifestyle it engenders. Take a ride in the orange truck that started it all on a rowdy road trip through India, Turkey, the Alps and anywhere in the US where you can carve a turn.
Todd Jones, Steve Jones, Corey Gavitt and Dirk Collins, USA, 60 mins. 2005

Taos Extreme Championship - 2005
11:30am, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
These ski competitors, egged on by the crowd and lure of the fabulous liquid prizes, conquer the untouched terrain of Taos Ski Valley's west basin. Amazingly no one got seriously hurt.
Randolph Pierce, USA, 5 mins, 2005
In Person: Randolph Pierce

Taos Ski Academy
11:30am, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
A look at future champions. Taos' teens ski the racecourse, presented by coach Alian Veth.
5 mins. USA 2005

Top of the World
3:45pm, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Films that feature the filmmaker usually get short shrift in our screening process. However Bill Kern easily defied the norm with his fascinating account of the hike to Everest Base camp. His self deprecating and observant style brings to life many of the places and mountains made famous, but often ignored, in the films of those striving for world's highest summit. "Audience Award, Best of Festival" Woods Hole Film Festival
Bill Kern, USA, 70 mins. 2005
In Person: Bill Kern

This Year's Featured Films
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