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This Year's Featured Films
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Forest Forum: Martin Litton on the Sequoias,
and Valle Vidal Film and discussion
3:30pm, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
Martin Litton, patriarch of the western environmental movement teams up with Taos's Jim O'Donnell to make this interesting and gorgeously illustrated dual polemic on preserving Forest Service lands; the former fighting timber cutting in California's Old Growth Sequoia Groves and the later discussing efforts to prevent gas drilling in The Valle Vidal and its Elk calving grounds. Both are examples of finely fought campaigns that now hang in the balance, and together they frame a larger picture of the Forest Service and its methods.
Panel discussion and refreshments will follow
In Person: Martin Litton, Jim O'Donnell, and a USFS representative

The Future of Food
Sponsored by World Cup Cafe
1:30pm, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
Americans in the past had a direct relationship with their food: they grew it. In modern times food has become a combination of nutrients, chemicals and genes. This film covers an in-depth investigation into the truth behind unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods (GMO) that fill US grocery store shelves and explores alternatives to industrial agriculture. Have your lunch beforehand!
Deborah Koons Garcia, USA, 88 mins. 2004

Going the Distance
9:30am, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Team 60+ are the oldest riders in the 2005 Insight Race Across America (RAAM), the toughest cycling event in the world. The pair bike over 3,000 miles in 8 days, from San Diego to Atlantic City and endure numerous hardships in their sleep-deprived quest for glory.
Ryan Pohanic, USA, 45 mins. 2005
In Person: Fred Boethling


Grand Canyon with Martin Litton
7:30pm, Friday, 7th

Old County Courthouse
Litton has run the Grand Canyon countless times in his beloved dories. This film, which he will narrate live from the stage, chronicles a life on America's most well known river much of which remains wild thanks to the efforts of Litton, David Brower and the rest of the environmentalist lobby.
USA 45 mins
In Person: Martin Litton, Michael Powers and Reg Lake

Great Bear Rainforest
9:30am, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
Canada has the largest temperate rainforest on earth, with eighty salmon rivers running from the mountains to the Pacific. One hundred and thirty species of fish and wildlife depend on the salmon and the current "10 Year Plan" calls for development that harms the rivers.
Twyla Roscovich, Canada, 5 mins. 2002
In Person: Michael Schoenfeld


The Great Hopkins Rescue
6:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
In 1941 adventure seeker, George Hopkins attempted an unusual publicity stunt: landing by parachute on Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Unfortunately his descent plans failed and he was stranded on the summit for six nights. Blending a modern ascent with archival footage and humorous animation, this film paints a fascinating story of the media furor over Hopkins' plight and his eventual rescue by Jack Durrance.
Tyler Young & Ben Cornish, USA, 9 mins. 2005
In Person: Tyler Young

Heartbeats of Denali
11:30am, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Intending to inspire viewers and provide an immersive experience Director Patrick McCloskey allows his camera to dwell on the spectacular scenery and intimate details of of Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska's interior. A gorgeously photographed work mercifully lacking the often superfluous voice over.
Patrick McCloskey, Canada, 18 mins. 2005

Hike Hike Hike
9:30am, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
A meditation on the rhythms and cycles of a dogsled journey. As clean and crisp as the Arctic north it depicts, this animation is simultaneously lush and lean, relying only on a natural sound track. "Best Short Mountain Film Award," Banff Mountain Film Festival
Anouck Iyer, USA, 4 mins. 2003

9:30am, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Don't Tread on Me. What "THE MAN" wants, "THE MAN" gets... and if you don't pay attention it will all go by in the blink of a sound bite! From the strange minds of the Award-winning "Dear Sweet Emma" comes another delightfully off-kilter offering.
John Cernak, USA, 5 mins. Animation 2005

The Last Race
3:30pm, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
In a small village near the Nepalese/Tibetian border, two boys are caught in a coming of age dilemma: whether to follow the old ways in the form of the Yarthung, the annual horse race, or to pursue the promise of an affluent life overseas. Award winning filmmaker Alex Gabbay, demonstrates his mature grasp of the medium with this finely crafted film.
Alex Gabbay and Subina Shrestha, Nepal, 23 mins. 2005

LoS DiaS
3:30pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Unlike the standard climbing film where skinny youths glide up apparently blank cliffs this local offering from New Mexico filmmaker Kevin Jaramillo chronicles the more human struggles of Placitas climber David "Davito" Hammack as he battles his way up Mountain Mama in the Sandias above Albuquerque.
Kevin Jaramillo, USA 15 mins. 2005
In Person Kevin Jaramillo

Lost People of Mountain Village
6:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Follow the story of the most significant anthropological discovery of the modern era: the deserted mountain village above Telluride. A hilarious and scathing indictment of the unrestrained and ostentatious development that is occurring all too often in the Rocky Mountains. "Jury Award," Mountainfilm in Telluride
Carol Black and Neal Marlens, USA, 15 mins. 2005
In Person: Carol Black & Neal Marlens

Loving Mother, Bon Children
11:30am, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Debra Denker has supported Bon-po orphanage in Dolanji, India for many years. This documentary highlights her work there and interweaves a fascinating tale of coincidence when she discovers a Buddhist monk in Santa Fe who she knew as a boy at the orphanage.
Debra Denker, USA, 15 mins. 2005
In Person: Debra Denker


The Miracle of Peggy Godfrey: Cowboy Poet
9:30am, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Peggy Godfrey works as a rancher in the San Luis Valley. Peggy not only leads an unusual lifestyle as a single woman ranch-hand, but she is also a talented poet and storyteller. This piece is a tribute to "the old ways" of the west and is highlighted by this former Taos resident's part in a real life miracle.
Kent Gunnison, USA, 25 mins. 2005
In Person: Kent Gunnison

Sponsored by Taos Mountain Outfitters
6:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
"Nomads" examines the life of transient whitewater kayakers who follow their love of the river on an odyssey around the world. The wandering women of the whitewater tribe discuss the challenges they face and why it's worth it.
Polly Green, Uganda, 8mins. 2004
In Person: Chris Emerick


This Year's Featured Films
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