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This Year's Featured Films
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Amongst White Clouds
9:30am, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
A fascinating study of China's forgotten Zen Buddhist hermit tradition. It was widely thought that this practice had been wiped out by the twists and turns of history. Beautifully photographed by ex-pat Edward Burger, this film offers an inside look at the lives of zealot students, gaunt ascetics and wise masters living in isolated hermitages in China's Zhongnan Mountain range.
Edward Burger, Canada/China, 88 mins. 2005

Ancient Marks
11:30am, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Accomplished photographer Chris Rainier, has gathered images of the scarifications, tattoos and piercings of indigenous people from the corners of the globe. This short makes a lyrical study of Rainier's take on the ancient art and features original music composed by Anoushka, daughter of legendary sitarist Ravi Shankar.
Ethan Boehme, USA, 11mins. 2004

Aoraki: Ski Mountaineering
World Premier
11:30am, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
New Zealand's highest peak, is called Aoraki, "the cloud piercer", by the Maoris. This steep and intimidating pyramid of rock and ice is a difficult climb by any route. Spectacular mountain images highlight the first ski descent from the south peak down the dangerous knife-like arÍte.
Gerald Salmina, Austria/New Zealand, 32mins. 2004

Aron Ralston's 14ers
5:30pm, Friday, 7th

Old County Courthouse
Ralston finished his seven-year project in March '05 to solo climb all of Colorado's 14,000'-high mountains in the winter season, which falls between the solstice and the vernal equinox. Ralston was the first to accomplish this landmark feat.
Slideshow and commentary
In Person: Aron Ralston

Being Caribou
Sponsored by The Alaskan Wilderness League
and The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
9:30am, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
This husband-and-wife team, Karsten Hauer and Leanne Allison, came up with an audacious plan: join the Porcupine caribou herd on their annual migration to the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Traveling on foot, carrying all their gear, the pair endured tremendous hardships and experienced epiphinous moments to produce a 'tour de force' that has won awards wherever it has screened. Winner of over 25 festival awards including: Vancouver Mountain Film Festival, Mountainfilm in Telluride.
Leanne Allison & Diana Wilson, Canada, 72mins. 2004

Best of the West
3:30pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
Boone Speed, Chris Sharma and Nate Gold test their mettle on the famous boulders of Hueco Tanks in Texas and in the brilliant mountain terrain of Castle Valley New Zealand.
Mike Call, USA, 30mins. 2005
In Person: Boone Speed & Mike Call

Between Light and Shadow
5:30pm, Friday, 7th

Old County Courthouse
A freak of geological nature has produced the Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Southern Colorado. It has become an obsession of photographer John Weller. Filmmaker Peter Mortimer's fine study throws a fascinating light on the man, his work and the place.
Peter Mortimer, USA, 30mins. 2003
In Person: John Weller and Peter Mortimer

Between the Reefs
1:30pm, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Where can you find a flamboyant cuttlefish, a wonderpus or a hairy octopus? In the unglamorous regions that lie between the world's coral reefs. Come "Muckdiving" in Indonesia and New Guinea, and see rare and undiscovered species of marine creatures. The weird and wonderful underwater world is also a deadly space where toxic poison and deceptive camouflage offer the only chance of survival. This film features many creatures photographed for the first time.
Richard Gagne, USA, 27mins. 2003
In Person: Richard Gagne


Between a Rock and a Hard Place
8:00pm, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
Aron Ralston ventured out alone into the desolate Utah canyonlands one day in 2003. By the end of that day, he doubted he'd return. A routine climbing move dislodged a boulder, leaving him pinned against a canyon wall, where he remained for six days. Ralston shares the undeniably compelling story of how he made the ultimate sacrifice, severing one of his limbs to save his life. Never gruesome and tempered with Ralston's sense of humor, his story, is a once absorbing, terrifying and surely chalanges us all to ask, "Could I do the same?"
In person: Aron Ralston

Boreal Songbird
9:30am, Saturday, 8th

Taos Community Auditorium
Spanning the Canadian tundra in a broad swath is one of the last great untouched resources of the planet. However the voraciousness of North American industry is fast depleting the timber, devastating the songbird population in the process.
Loren Robertson, Canada, 6 mins. 2005
In Person: Michael Schoenfeld


The Collective
9:30am, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
The collective is a group of filmmakers, photographers and mountain bikers who have united to produce a new breed of mountain bike film featuring cutting-edge images of the freeride progression while exploring thoughts and personalities of the riders.
Darcy Wittenburg & Jaime Houssian, USA, 42 mins. 2004 Distributed by LenticularPictures.com

Corsets to Crampons
3:45pm, Saturday, 8th

Old County Courthouse
Six women climb Mont Blanc in 2004, to recognize the role of women in mountaineering. Women battled convention every step of the way - from Marie Paradis' first ascent in 1808, to Isabella Stratton's 1876 first winter ascent, and Marguette Bouvier's first ski descent in 1929. Inspired by the book, AMC's Women on High-Pioneers of Mountaineering by Rebecca Brown.
Alison Gannett, France/USA, 15 mins. 2004
In Person: Alison Gannett


Creatures of Habit
Sponsored by Taos Mountain Outfitters
6:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
Kayaking everything from your backyard creek to the most remote gorged out runs ever. Big water, huge slides and just plain crazy big drops- including the world record waterfall descent.
Trey Chase, USA, 24 mins. 2005

The Dark Glow of the Mountains
Sponsored by Verdant Gardens
6:00pm, Sunday, 9th

Old County Courthouse
In the summer of 1984 Reinhold Messner climbed two of the highest peaks in the world back to back. A film about stark and austere inner landscapes, and what compels these climbers. Herzog's portrait of arguably the world's foremost mountain climber is brought to Taos on vintage 16mm film stock.
Werner Herzog, Germany, 45 mins. 1984

The Fence (La Cerca)
3:30pm, Sunday, 9th

Taos Community Auditorium
Set in California's Santa Lucia range in 1959, La Cerca examines the change of life of a young migrant ranch hand, trapped within a barbed wired world, when he finds a gap in the fence. Outstanding cinematography is the feature of this delightful allegory. "Best Cinematography Award," Columbia University Film Festival
S.J. Main, USA, 18 mins, 2005

This Year's Featured Films
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