Dear Festivalgoers,
Fifty years ago Hilary and Tenzing were the first to 'knock the bastard off,' to use the beekeeper's term. They returned to the valley and a furore that amazed them. Expecting their accomplishment to generate "some interest among mountaineers" they were feted across the globe and their feat is largely responsible for the present enormous public interest in mountaineering in general and Everest in particular.

Everest has, of course, in the perspective of some, 'been done to death.' But I make no excuse for featuring it in this year's festival. This is only our third year of bringing these unique films to the people of Northern New Mexico and the South West so what may be an over worked subject for mountainfilm fans elsewhere is fresh material for the majority of our guests. And let's face it, the mountain holds a fascination for all of us; mountaineers and armchair climbers alike.

We have extended our festival to four days this year in the hope of allowing guests to enjoy both the film programs and the attractions at a more leisurely pace. This festival also reflects my interests in two aspects of mountaineering: the literary and the theatrical. Adventurers often make great writers as writers are often adventurous characters. Thus we have created a platform for our guests to read from their work and hope you will support a facet of the festival that brings to life something we all enjoy: a well told tale. This year we will introduce our Mountain Theater. An evening of mountain related performance art will be presented on Saturday night at the TCA.

As always I stress the adventure and inspiration to be found in wild places and the majority of our programming reflects this. However, we need to be aware of threats to people and places. So, on a more sober note, we will examine water issues and the aftermath of modern war.

But remember, we're here to celebrate the mountains.
Enjoy the Festival!
Jonathan Slator, Executive Director

About the Festival
Taos Mountain Film Festival features films of adventure, culture and wildlife of the world's remote regions. We also examine threats to the environment and human rights.

Mountaineering films and personalities will highlight the Festival. Other events will include symposia, photography exhibits, and readings from mountaineering literature.

Taos Mountain Film Festival is committed to conveying, through the moving and still image and through raw experience, the inspiration to be found in wild places.

There may be no better town on Earth to hold this festival than Taos, New Mexico. Taos has a special blend of landscape... everything from high Alpine peaks to upper Sonoran desert. The terrain affords the outdoors enthusiasts world-class skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking.

Through its remote location, pristine air quality and low-impact development, Taos has earned the reputation of an environmentally aware community. Taos also has deservedly gained a name for having a 'spiritual awareness.' This facet of the community, and the world at large, will be reflected in festival programming.

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